Thursday, 6 October 2016

Early morning on the river Dearne

early morning on the Dearne
We were up for an early morning on the river Dearne it was just getting light on a cool misty morning we walked as quick as we could travelling as light as possible as it was a good distance to be burdened down by loads of kit.misty river Dearne

As we tackled up we were chatting about our quarry chub was on the cards or maybe a barbel passing through as it didn't look very barbely, carp could be a possibility too, we knew our stuff Russ and myself had years of putting in the legwork on this river.

It was a very eerie misty morning and it felt good to be on the river bank we set the rods and like every other angler sat back and waited in anticipation,

It wasn't long perhaps 15 minutes and the rod tip quivered at first then shot round ,I grabbed the rod and thought yes a typical barbel bite ,but this felt heavy and wasn't the usual savage runs that barbel do this fish was big for the Dearne and it just wanted to go slowly it swam upstream and pulled and pulled it was then I knew we had a carp on Russ came running with the net and camera , it rolled on the surface It made a good fight but I was glad I had the tackle to tame it.river Dearne

Two happy anglers one 16lb river carp banked, Russ had it on video for our websites after a couple of photos it was returned and swam off strongly. the rest of the morning passed without a bite .

Carp on the river Dearne are spread everywhere keep a look out for slower water, snags overhanging trees and deep holes , go and fish the river and get to know it, a day fishing 2 or 3 swims trotting a float is the best way. you get to know the depth the flow the snags and you may see fish top or roll on the surface, you get to chat to other anglers and slowly build a picture of the river.

Dearne anglers know what I mean especially the barbel boys, they know their stretch of river like the back of their hands so don't ask where their secret swim is go and find one for yourself and have fun doing it.
Dearne Carp

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