Monday, 18 April 2016

A look Back

It seems a long time ago since june 16th 2015 but I found myself on the Yorkshire Derwent at Buttercrambe full of hope , well what else is there ?
I had a good walk along the banks and baited up 3 likely looking swims with the bait dropper I say likely looking swims they all had some cover and a good flow but you couldn't see into the water as it was a little coloured , Lots of hemp and caster and chopped up luncheon meat was the order of the day in the large bait dropper, half a dozen drops on target in each swim enough noise to scare the fish away for miles around.
So back to the first swim that I had blitzed and a slow tackle up a cup of tea from the flask and plonked the first bait in with a nice splosh and settle back and watch the tip of my old milo avon , a few minutes went by then a couple of twangs on the rod saw me hunched up ready to strike but nothing and a lot more of nothing so a quick retrieve and bait still on the hook hmmmm oh well another hour and more nothing so I moved to my next baited up swim and sat for an hour and a half with .. yes you've guessed it nothing so a move to my last baited up swim and a nice hair rigged luncheon meat with a pva bag with hemp and a few small offerings of luncheon meat and settle back in my chair to watch the trusty milo avon and the noisy chaffinches in the tree above when it happened that noise that hard to describe noise of the rod bending over and line stretching a grab of the rod and a few minutes later a nice 4 1b chub was in the net , no brilliant but it was opening day and this was my long awaited fish not a barbel but it would do me.
I finished the day with a couple of hours honing my trotting skills and a few dace later I was packing my tackle in the car with a smile on my face , june the 16th off home and to finish the day a few pints and a natter in the local perfect.

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