Friday, 6 May 2016

Trout time

Its the closed season and the itch is still there to get on the river bank, so out came the fly rod and a selection of flies,I gave the waders a quick look but decided boots were the better option as coarse fish may be present although I had never caught any previously,but stories of chub came my way ? well you never know . I took my granddaughter to the river she loves fishing but casting a fly is still a struggle so it gave me an excellent opportunity to give her a little help without being too pushy to put her off fishing! I took her now and again and she looked forward to the trips we tackled up and found a nice spot with no trees behind us to get snagged up in we persevered for about half an hour then one cast the line gave a little pull and a nice brown trout came to her net , I'm glad she got the fish she will never forget it , I hope she's hooked for life.

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