Thursday, 22 September 2016

more from the Nidd at Tockwith
Yet another session at Tockwith with my old friend russ who has his own you tube site called UK fishing and you don't have to take my word just take a look its well worth it.

Well we baited a couple of areas up and `settled into a swim but things were slow and with a couple of missed bites later we moved swims to the most barbely swim you could imagine, we were full of confidence and hope but you can guess what happened .yes a big fat blank, so upwards and onwards as they say, so back to a few pegs down from our original choice of swim and within

seconds Russ had a screamer the reel just peeled off the line downstream it went and there was not a hope in hell of stopping it ,

it by the way we presumed was a big carp it hid in a snag and no matter what we did [pulled from the other side of the swim] we tried but had no chance we didn't even get a glimpse of the fish which is a shame but we did catch a few fish earlier on trotting a 4 number 4 float with casters, dace and bleak were all we ended up with but hey that's fishing and we will be back.


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