Sunday, 12 June 2016

Frustration time

I traveled to the tackle shop with my mind full of the bits and pieces that I need for the upcoming new fishing season yes its that time again 16th of june 2016 approaching. once in the tackle shop i'm absorbed by the amount of tackle on view and soon forget what I had come in for , the line I wanted mmmm not sure that brand may be better and those hooks and shot , well I eventually got outside feeling happy with an arm full of gear but somewhat skint ,
ahh well never mind it will soon be thursday and off I trot to put my new line on my reels ,clean my kit box out check my chair clean everything get all my rods out and inspect them ,that's it all done everything is ready now what ?
Wait wait and wait so frustrating but it will be worth it , I've tramped the riverbank at every opportunity thrown in some bait in a few swims took photos watched the weather there must be something that ive forgot ? yes a little patience its nice to be prepared it will soon be thursday.

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