Friday, 17 June 2016

Bound for the Yorkshire derwent on the 16th of june opening day in search of barbel I was all set got the gear bait is a choice halibut pellets and spam also armed with hemp and caster
I was fishing the middle reachers at Buttercrambe with 2 rods one on meat the other pellet without a knock but then a huge swing of the tip resulted in nothing but a pellet stolen from the hook ,Then round went the other rod and a few minutes later and a quick fight resulted in a chub of around a pound then another slightly larger another one at 4 pound and a good fight from the last chub slightly bigger ,spam 4 pellet nil.
still nothing on the pellet so enough is enough and out came the trotting rod and another swim further downstream with caster for bait the river has a good depth so a nice large stick well shotted down and 3rd cast through a nice dace this continued throughout the afternoon with dace roach gudgeon the odd small perch it was overcast and had been threatening to rain all day with grey skies but it held off a nice day on the river no barbel but they will be another time and possibly another bait to try.

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